Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Magic Kingdom Part Two

After a chilly morning of fun in the MK we take a break for lunch at our favorite counter service restaurant…Starlight Ray’s Cafe.

IMG_2032 - Copy My crew, chowing down on chicken and burgers.

IMG_2033 - Copy Sonny Eclipse serenades you during your meal.

IMG_2035 - Copy Photo op with my boys in front of the teacups ride.  Check out my cute, cuddly warm new jacket.  :)

IMG_2036 Here you can see the back of my neat new jacket as I grab some fastpasses for Peter Pan.  Here’s my tip of the day.  Put one of those little plastic pouches on the end of your lanyard to hold your park tickets.  It makes it tons easier to get fastpasses quickly and easily throughout the day.  So much easier than digging in my bag for my wallet, digging out the tickets, then digging around again when we go to use the fastpasses.  With the little lanyard pouch they are much more accessible.

IMG_2038 - Copy One of ds4’s favorites, Small World.

IMG_2044 Ds kept pointing out things for me to take pics of on the ride.

IMG_2050 IMG_2069

IMG_2078 Ds3, ds2 and I sat through a showing of Mickey’s PhilharMagic, one of my faves.  Ds4 is not fond of it for some reason.  I just love the movie, especially the part where the pie is on the screen and you smell cinnamon and the bit where Ariel sings and reaches out to hug you in 3D.

IMG_2085 Then it was time to use our Peter Pan fastpasses.  I got this cool shot of dh and ds3 in the flying boat behind us.

IMG_2087 IMG_2090 We moved on to Adventureland, stopping by my favorite gift shop of all, The Yankee Trader.  They sell all manner of kitchen supplies, cookbooks, and even yummy Disney themed foodstuff.

IMG_2098 The Jungle Cruise was our next stop.

IMG_2117 Uh, oh, we caught the elephants playing in the water…don’t worry, they have their trunks on!  ;)

IMG_2132 Dh and ds2 braved Big Thunder Mountain…they are actually on that train in this pic.

IMG_2143 We rode the Haunted Mansion and then decided to call it a day for the MK.  We caught glimpses of the parade as we walked out of the park.

IMG_2148 The final monorail ride of the day.  I have no idea why I’m not looking at the camera.  It’s like we are scared of something in those bags or the sunbeam or something.  I really need to give dh a tutorial on picture taking.  :)  After a break at the hotel we spent the evening in Epcot.  More on that in another post. 

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