Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Arm

Longtime readers of this blog may remember The Toe.  My newest physical impediment is The Arm.  A few months back I did something to my shoulder.  I didn’t fall, or feel sudden pain while lifting weights, or anything like that.  I just gradually noticed that my shoulder hurt.  It was a slight nuisance but I could still use the arm and even workout with no pain so I figured it would just get better on it’s own.  Well, it has progressively gotten worse to the point that the pain is constant and I can’t lift my right arm more than 30 degrees.  I can tell the problem is directly below my shoulder on my upper arm.  That area is sore to the touch and the main source of pain.  However if I do accidentally raise my arm the pain is, well, it’s just WOW kind of pain that shoots down my entire arm in waves that take minutes to subside and temporarily turns on a full-fledged sailor potty mouth lol.  My boys stand by with mouths wide open…they don’t know whether to be shocked or impressed. 

I figure I kinda need to use my right arm so I have a dr appointment today.  Which in itself is a hassle right now as my primary care dr left the practice last year and I had to find a new one.  Dh found one in the same office building as our other dr, but he won’t see me for 6 weeks so I had to go with someone completely new.  I hate that.  Will this person be nice?  Will we see eye to eye?  Will they be thorough and listen and care like my other dr did?  Or will they tell me to alternate using ice and heat on it and come back in 6 weeks?  I’ve done a little internet searching on shoulder pain and I know a thorough exam will involve x-rays and possibly an mri.  Will this dr order these tests?  Will I be able to afford them?  If she does order them then obviously this first visit will not bring me any immediate answers.  Just how involved is all of this going to get?


The Arm.  The saga begins.

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