Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Universal Studios Trip Report

Although I could have stayed in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter part of the park all day, we did eventually move on to the rest of the Island of Adventures.  Most of the rides were either super huge roller coasters that we couldn’t ride due to height restrictions or due to the poor weather, and water rides that no one was going on because it was already raining lol!  So mostly we just walked around and looked at things.


IMG_1420 Still rocking those ponchos.  :)

IMG_1422 This is where we ate lunch.  Turns out it’s connected to a really cool area with dinosaur displays and a gift shop.


IMG_1454 Ds4 got to hold a dinosaur egg.

IMG_1457 Then we watched one hatch.

IMG_1473 They had a Splash Mountain type ride that we skipped due to already being  soaking wet and freezing cold.

IMG_1479 See?  You definitely get wet…ter.

IMG_1482 IMG_1483

This area had a neat playground for the kiddos and a cool looking swingy thingy ride.  Dh and ds2 tried to get on, but the cast member wouldn’t let them…said it was a child’s ride and they had to be accompanied by a child.  Dh is still fuming over that one.  :)


IMG_1526 Thank goodness they let him ride this Seuss train or we may have had a major fit on our hands.  ;)

IMG_1531 Ds3 posing with some of the Seuss themed topiary.

IMG_1525 And yes, we did buy souvenir wands, but this is the first time I would let the boys take them out of their boxes…only break in the rain we got all day.  The wands are quite nice, very expensive and yes, very breakable, as ds4 learned that night in the hotel room.  :(


IMG_1512 This giant waterfall was outside of the Poseidon area.  What was funny were the cute duckies splashing about in the little pond at the bottom.

IMG_1510 This one really put on a show lol!

I am glad we finally did get to go to Universal, if only to have an honest experience to compare to Disney.  It’s too bad that our day was cold and rainy, I’m sure the experience would have been much better with a sunny day.  However, if I had to choose, Disney would win.  The overall experience and just general feelings you have in Disney top Universal by far.  The layout of the park and crowd management were also disappointing at Universal.  I would definitely recommend a day trip to Universal, but a longer vacation is much better spent at Disney World. 

Next up, a post about our Disney resort hotel!

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  1. Great post. I've never even had a desire to go to Universal. Maybe we'll attempt a day visit on a future trip, but I don't know. We'd like to visit Sea World again sometime too. We liked that park, but like you said about Universal, I think the layout is a bit weird and hard to maneuver.


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