Thursday, February 17, 2011

Disney Trip Report: Pop Century Resort

Finally an actual post with Disney World in it lol!  While we did enjoy Universal Studios, we were all quite excited for the Disney portion of our vacation to start.  After our long day in Universal we headed to the Pop Century Resort to check in.

IMG_1558 We have stayed here many times and love it!  It’s a large “value” resort on Disney property, themed with icons from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.  It’s not so big that you can’t get to all the areas by walking, though.  That’s what I dislike about the “moderate” resorts the most, that they are so huge there is a bus system to get you around the property.

We stayed in the 60’s area this time around, building 1, right next to the Classic Hall that houses check-in, the eating area, arcade and gift shop.


IMG_1574 IMG_2362 Our building's stairs were housed in that gigantic bowling pin lol.

IMG_1546 IMG_1547

Housekeeping always leaves cute towel critters on the beds or in the windows.  Ds4 usually gets attached to them and we have bring them home lol.  We got adjoining rooms, ours with a lovely king-sized bed and the boys’ with two doubles.  The rooms are typical hotel rooms, but the furnishings and little Disney extras make them quite special.  Plus the boys adore that they each get a room key with their name on it.  :)

IMG_1562 It was super bowl Sunday and the cafeteria had a special going on.

IMG_1563 The entrance to the gift shop and cafeteria.

IMG_1564 IMG_1565

The shop has all kinds of cool Disney merchandise, including the Woody hat ds is modeling. 

IMG_2367 There is a lake on the property that has a bridge leading to a new resort they are building…it will be themed with Pixar movies.

IMG_2365 Dh and I on a bench at the foot of the bridge. 

IMG_1743 The hotel has three really cool themed pools.  This one was the closest to our room.  There was one day that it warmed up enough to brave the waters (the pools are heated, although not that much in my opinion lol.)  The funny thing is, we were the only ones in the pool this day.  Every one else swam when it was cold!  Is it just a “northern” thing or something?  You guys from colder climates don’t mind swimming in the cold?  Maybe my definition of cold is off? 

IMG_1749 There is a lifeguard on duty and these nifty life vests are provided at the pools.  Thank goodness, since we left ds’s “floaties” at home.  You have to bring your own towels from the room, though.

IMG_1750 A building across from the pool housed bathrooms for changing and the laundrymat (which I did unfortunately have to patronize during our visit.  There is never a vacation from laundry.) 

IMG_2380 There is an arcade in the main building.

IMG_2381 Ds2 frequented it on his own but we also spent part of one evening there as a family.


I was pleased as always with the Pop Century.  We were lucky to get a good deal on rates, especially helpful to us since we have to get two rooms.  Next post will be our morning in the Animal Kingdom!


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    I loved reading about your trip to Disney. This resort looks fantastic!

  2. Nice trip report. Our next trip is Pop for sure!


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