Thursday, March 31, 2011

Helpful Homeschool Hints


This year we have added a lot more computer time to our schooling (mostly due to TOS Crew reviews.)  Usually these online subscriptions require a parent account as well, so I’ve been having to keep up with user names and passwords for three people per resource.  That’s a lot for my already full brain.  ;)  So I debated how to track this information.  I went with the simplest solution.


This list resides on the bulletin board on my desk behind my computer.  I’ve written the name of the person with the account, the site’s name, the user name and password for each resource.  With just a glance up I can quickly see ds3’s log-in info for Mathletics, ds4’s Kabongo name or the password to the Photobucket account for my TOS reviews.  Everyone actually references this list, even my not yet reading ds4…he can find his name and go from there.

There are fancy books out there for recording passwords and such, and dh and I both keep personal little notebooks on our desks with the more sensitive log-in information for our bank, library, etc.  But this list seemed like the easiest way to go for the kiddos. 

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  1. That is a good idea! My son is always wanting different user id's and passwords, but then doesn't always remember what goes where... which is why I try to discourage this. He has Aspergers and is head-strong. This would make life easier! Thanks!

    Oh, and thanks for stopping by and commenting on my post. That is just the first of many for that series. Please be sure to check back soon. Have a wonderful day!


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