Monday, April 4, 2011

Homeschool Week 25

We had a pretty good week.  Ds3 has been working hard, no complaining, listening a little better.  Ds4 has good and bad days…well, he’s 6, he still has many good and bad moments within a day lol.  The morning routine has been going well and the afternoon one for that matter.  All that changes next week as we have a lot of appointments and such to attend to.

IMG_2525 We set up ds1’s old computer at the school table.  It’s a little cramped, but I like the arrangement.  One child can do computer work while another does some written work.  The headphones really help, as my boys are easily distracted.  ;)

I have changed the boys’ math to Math Mammoth.  They both really enjoy Mathletics but ds4 sailed through both K and 1st levels already and ds3 hit a snag with factors since he still hasn’t memorized those times tables.  So I ordered a complete 1st grade workbook for ds4 and downloaded the multiplication series for ds3.  While we are waiting on the workbook I printed up some samples for ds and he loved it.  Ds3 and I have begun the process Math Mammoth outlines for memorizing times tables…I am really hoping this time it will sink in.

Ds4 is almost finished with his Go For The Code book, and will graduate to the actual Explode The Code series soon.

IMG_2574 This is a pic of a page he did this week.  He has his own little way of doing things, preferring to circle and not color and using little arrows to point to the correct answer.  You should see when he has to draw lines from one side to the other…it can get messy lol.  I am very pleased with the Code workbooks, I can tell ds is catching on.

Ds3 is still testing a new writing/language arts resource I am going to review and so far we both like it.  Ds3 is more than halfway through his states study and also still using his Daily Geography Practice book (and learning a lot! I am loving that book!)  We have moved on from ancient Greece in SOTW and are nearly done with the first book.  Still reading Call of the Wild.  Ds3 is pretty riveted by it, ds4 not so much.  However, ds3 has not liked all the death and cruelty.  We finished studying the senses in our human body study and this week covered hair and skin.

IMG_2533 Mimi is helping ds measure some yarn for our hair model.  The weather has been lovely, we really need to get back into weekly nature study soon.  Isn’t it funny that just when you get into a good routine things seem to change?  Guess that’s just life.  :)

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