Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cats On Tuesday




In my house we call this “cat heaven.”  Anytime two or more kitties are gathered in one place (almost always my bed) someone will announce, “You’ve got cat heaven on your bed!”  Assembled today we have Mimi, Smokey and Katy.  (As an aside, I can never deny being a mom to boys or a cat owner, as they all leave their evidence everywhere…note the sword next to katy’s tail lol.)

IMG_2761 Mimi was all business, curled up tight and trying hard to rest.

IMG_2764 Katy was in a feisty mood…I don’t know if she was upset that the other cats invaded her space or that I was turning it all into a photo op.  She actually took a swat at my hands when I tried to pet her!

IMG_2769 Smokey was just chillin’, and purring away.  He is so funny, any time I am in his presence, he purrs.  If I just walk by and don’t even touch him, he purrs.  He’ll even sense I’m there when he’s sleeping and start purring lol.

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  1. LOL! I just assumed Katy was defending her corner of the bed!

    Peace and Laughter!

  2. Looks like everyone was quite comfy on the bed. We're partial to black cats in particular. Even Katy's annoyed look is cute.

  3. Oh I know that feeling.
    I grew up with cats and kittens on my bed. When I'm awake they are asleep and in my deep sleep they are awake and running all over me!

    Mom: the best title ever!

  4. They all looks very comfy.
    We can hear their purring here !

  5. I have thought of you a lot during the past few months too. :) I am glad to see the cats are still doing well and hope all of you are too!
    Yes, the Navy was a big shock!

  6. Bed is cat heaven for my two. Love this group pic.


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