Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cats On Tuesday


IMG_2783 We bought some new furniture.  The cats didn’t think it had enough fur to really call it furniture lol so they immediately got to work making it more furry.  As you can see, there is barely any room left for people.

IMG_2784 These pics are from my point of view between the kitties.  Katy prefers the left side of the loveseat, as it is nearest the window.

IMG_2785 Smokey just wants me to move out of his way.

IMG_2792 I think the new furniture is kitty approved.  :)

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  1. Of course ! Never thought of it that fur - niture has something to do with cat fur !! Cats are sooo helpful aren't they ? Without them all vacuum factories would close down !

  2. Nice new FURniture you got !
    I sure would have approved that too :)
    Lookes really comfy !

  3. You obviously made the right choice :-) Our cats love the boxes best of all.


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