Thursday, April 7, 2011

Like Pulling A Tooth

Ds4 had his appointment this morning for pulling his abscessed tooth.  He does not do well at the dentist (I don’t guess many 6yo boys do) so the dentist gave me a valium pill to crush, hide in something yummy since the pills are very bitter and give to ds.  I did this at the last visit and it didn’t seem to affect him at all.  This morning ds started protesting right when he woke up.  Wouldn’t get out of bed, crying and fussing.  I crushed the pill and put it in his favorite Jell-O and he took it…and promptly spit it back out onto my bed sheets.  At this point I’m ready to scoop up the tainted Jell-O and pop it into my own mouth, but instead I called the dentist office and told them what was going on.  The nurse said to bring ds in early and she would give him the medicine then we could take him out to breakfast.  Sure, lady, if that’s how you want to start your day.

Reluctantly ds got ready and into the car.  We arrived at the office and the nurse comes out with a little medicine cup with a small amount of pink liquid.  “Where are you going to breakfast, ds?”  “McDonald’s.”  “Okay, take this stuff and you can go.”  And he took it.  I stood there with my mouth wide open and the nurse starts gloating, “See, Miss Tammy always gets them to take the medicine.”  Um, helloooo!  If they had given me the tiny bit of pink goo I could have gotten him to take it at home!  I didn’t say anything and off we went to breakfast.  The medicine started taking effect when we got back to the office.  Ds was licking every last morsel of sugar off his empty cinnamon melts box and saying, “I sure do love this stuff.”

I carried him into the office and the procedure started.  They also gave him nitrous oxide and he did incredibly well during the whole thing.  When it was over the dentist put ds in my lap and ds said, “That didn’t hurt at all.”  No my dear, not at all.  :)


  1. Poor thing! And oh so lucky. I didn't get any of that when I had mine done. I guess that's what happens when you live in a developing country.

  2. My daughter had a very complicated dental appt today too. I gave her benadryl which kicked in on our way out of a 2 hour dental appointment. She did awesome anyway but it would have been nice for the drugs to work when they were supposed to.


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