Friday, April 8, 2011

TOS Review: Science Weekly


Science Weekly is a newspaper-like instruction module designed to reinforce a student’s reading, writing and mathematical skills with colorful, easy to follow lessons and hands-on lab work.  Themes from Earth science, life science, physical science and technology are explored in each issue.


Science Weekly has six levels for grades K-6.

Level Pre-A (Kdg.)
Level A (Grade 1)
Level B (Grade 2)
Level C (Grade 3)
Level D (Grade 4)
Level E (Grades 5-6)

We received the fractions issue for our review.  I used level A with ds4 and level D with ds3.

IMG_2625 Both issues covered the same material, just at appropriate levels for each child.  The cover introduces the theme for the issue with both written and pictorial descriptions.

IMG_2626 Inside the issue are lessons in vocabulary, math and writing that center around the theme.  There is also a lab assignment with simple but detailed instructions for the student to follow. 

IMG_2628 Each issue comes with teacher notes that provide you with background information on the featured topic, instructions for implementing the lessons, and suggestions for other  resources to use to complement the unit.  The Science Weekly website offers printable coloring pages, sample units for download, and even several interactive issues for you to peruse right now.

Both boys enjoyed this resource.  Ds3 could read his issue and complete most of the lessons on his own.  Ds4 enjoyed the “crafty” or hands-on type lessons but balked a bit at the vocabulary and writing.  I think he will be more comfortable with those once he is reading on his own.

I found Science Weekly to be very helpful in our homeschooling.  I really liked how the issues have so many levels and that both boys could study the same theme.  The lessons are not too long or complicated and really try and incorporate the theme into everyday life, so the student is not just learning what a fraction is, but where they are and what function they serve in their lives.

Science Weekly is available on their website for $19.95, per student, per year.  You get 15 issues with a yearly subscription.  The website offers many sample issues to try before you decide to make a purchase.

I received all six levels of the fractions issue of Science Weekly to facilitate this review.  I received no further compensation.  To see other TOS Crewmember reviews, click on the banner below.


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