Thursday, May 12, 2011

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

We spent the morning of our only full day at Disney in Hollywood Studios.  We didn’t do much at all besides walk around and enjoy just being at Disney World! 

IMG_2990 I had to record this moment, it was a first.  At the entrance to every park your bag is inspected.  They do have a line where people with no bags can just walk through.  Usually dh takes the boys through that line while I go through security.  This time dh volunteered to take the bag duties!

IMG_2993 This is ds3 behind the desk at the Tower of Terror.  We didn’t ride the attraction, just browsed around.

IMG_2996 See the cup I’m holding?  It’s my little secret.  I love the souvenir refillable cups from Disney resorts, but they charge over $12 for them.  At Hollywood Studios, and only at Hollywood Studios, you can get a specially themed cup for $5 filled and less if you don’t get a drink.  Once I got a Pirates of the Caribbean cup, but this year it was Tower of Terror themed.

IMG_2999 There is a lake in the middle of the park and we strolled around it, stopping to watch a family of ducks.


IMG_3007 I couldn’t believe that my boys would sit still for this long without being on a ride!  But they, too were just soaking up the atmosphere and relaxing feeling you get being at Disney.

IMG_3013 Along our walk we came upon a Jedi training session.  These are always fun to watch as the little boys and girls learn to defeat Darth Vader. 

IMG_3014 Ds4 found a friendly cast member to exchange pins with.

IMG_3016 We found ourselves in front of the Honey I Shrunk The Kids playground and decided to give it a go.  Ds4 really got into the whole thing, pretending we were really being shrunk as we walked through the entrance.

IMG_3022 He seems to be thinking, “Hmm, maybe I did shrink!”  Or maybe, “Wow, I’d love to get my hands on that Play-Doh!”

IMG_3021 IMG_3023

IMG_3042 We made our way over to the Backlot Tour and it wasn’t crowded so we hopped on.

IMG_3056 I think they enjoyed it.  :)  We left the park at this point, ate some lunch at the McDonald’s near the All Star Resorts and headed to Epcot.  More on that in the next post!

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