Friday, May 20, 2011

Hey, Hey, I (Almost) Hugged A Monkee

Okay, finally, the Davy Jones post.  Back story…12 years ago, in 1999, we were on a Disney trip.  Back then it was only me, dh, ds1 and ds2.  We were walking around Epcot, waiting for the fireworks show and an announcement came on saying Davy Jones was about to perform!  What luck.  We walked right up to the outdoor theater, sat and watched a super fun show.

Fast forward to now.  Ever since seeing that show we have said we were going to go back and see Davy Jones again.  We’ve been saying that for 12 years!  Yet somehow we never were able to go when he was scheduled.  Last year dh made plans to make sure he was off and we could go to this year’s show.  And we did.

IMG_3120 IMG_3124

Once again he performed at the outdoor theater in front of the American Pavilion in Epcot.


Screech!  There he is!


He sang a few Monkees songs, but did a lot more 60’s songs.  Still, it was super fun as always.  The only problem was that the part of the theater we were in wasn’t shaded.  And the sun was shining right down on us.  The boys were getting red faced and squirming.  I took them over to more shaded areas while we were waiting for the show to start and that helped.  Toward the end of the show they were really sweating and miserable so I took them to the shady back of the theater and we watched the rest of the show from there.  We danced and sang along to songs I knew.  And then I glanced back to the stage.

Davy Jones had come into the audience.  Hmm, that’s fun.  Oh look, he’s hugging people.  Oh look, isn’t that the woman who was sitting right in front of us?  Holy cow, Davy Jones is standing right in front of the bench where dh and ds2 are sitting.  I was telling everyone within earshot, “That’s where I was sitting.”  “Davy Jones is standing where I was sitting!”  Sure, crazy lady.

The show ended and dh and ds2 made their way up to the entrance where we were waiting.  Dh said Davy Jones made his way into the crowd hugging women all the way and then stood on the empty spot of the bench, between dh and ds2, where the boys and I had been.  He looked down at dh with raised eyebrows like, “You want a hug, too?” and dh said he just held up his hand and gestured, “Uh, no thanks.”  I don’t know which to be more upset about, that I missed getting hugged, or that dh didn’t take any pictures of Davy Jones when he was standing right next to him! 

Moral of the story?  Forget saving your young kids from heatstroke.  Stay seated and wait for Davy Jones to come hug you.  Because your dh won’t even take pictures.  The End.


  1. I wanted to marry Davy Jones when I was younger.....sigh.....

  2. LOL! Next time make HIM take the kids to the shade while you hang out with the stars! :)

  3. Ok, now I am singing "Hey! Hey! We're the Monkees, people say we monkey around...but we're too busy singing to put anybody down..." lol.


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