Monday, May 23, 2011

TOS Review: EnVisionMath


EnVisionMath 2011 1st grade is a math workbook from Scott Foresman-Addison Weasley company.  Anyone familiar with that name will know that they provide curriculum for schools.  The workbook we received for review is no different, it is designed with a classroom/teacher setting in mind.

IMG_3290 It’s a huge book lol. 

IMG_3293 Basically the student tears a sheet out and folds it to make a little booklet.  Each booklet is a lesson.  Each lesson has various activities to teach the topic and include “home connection” and “home activity” ideas meant for parents to do as reinforcement.

IMG_3291 There are 20 topics in the workbook.

  • Numbers to 12
  • Comparing and Ordering Numbers
  • Understanding Addition
  • Understanding Subtraction
  • Five and Ten Relationships
  • Addition Facts to 12
  • Subtraction Facts to 12
  • Geometry
  • Patterns
  • Counting and Numbering Patterns to 100
  • Tens and Ones
  • Comparing and Ordering Numbers to 100
  • Counting Money
  • Measurement
  • Time
  • Addition Facts to 18
  • Subtraction Facts to 18
  • Data and Graphs
  • Fractional Parts
  • Adding and Subtracting with Tens and Ones


Each topic has from 4 to up to 13 lessons.  There is a test at the end of each topic.  The book is colorful and the graphics appealing.  Apparently there are digital components that teachers can use online, but we were not given access to them.

All that said, this workbook is intended for a classroom.  I let ds4, my 6yo 1st grader, work some of the lessons.  The exercises were pretty simple, but I had to stand over and explain or read them all to him.  And while 1st grade math is easy to teach, with no teacher’s guide or other directions, there were several lessons that left me clueless as to what he was to do.  I only say this to emphasize that the book is not designed for homeschool use, not to imply it’s a poor resource.

The website has the 1st grade student edition (with digital system access) available for $34.47.  The site is also designed for educators so there is limited information and the public is unable to access samples.  Honestly, I’m not sure why the company asked TOS to review the product, and I wouldn’t recommend it for homeschool use.

I was given a copy of EnVisionMath 1st grade workbook to facilitate this review.  I received no further compensation.  To see other TOS Crewmember reviews of this and other Pearson products, click on the banner below.


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