Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cats On Tuesday: Turf Wars


There is a window right next to my desk that the cats all love to sit at and get my attention.  Mimi is so spoiled I actually let her in and out through the window.  Now Mr. Fluff, the neighbor cat, has been visiting the window and even enjoying some petting now and again when I am at my desk.  Mimi has discovered this and is none too pleased.

IMG_3249 Mimi notices Mr. Fluff behind her on the window sill.

IMG_3250 “Mom, Mom, quick, let me in!”

IMG_3254 Mr. Fluff is expecting his morning scratches.

IMG_3260 Mimi is not having it!

IMG_3276 “What is wrong with that little cat?  I can never understand women.”

IMG_3267 “Get out and stay out!”

Poor Mr. Fluff.  Mimi will play with him in the yard, but is very protective of her home lol.

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  1. Poor Mr Fluff !!!
    Me neither understand women ;-)

  2. Cute pictures. Poor Mr. Fluff.

  3. Oh dear, poor Mr Fluff! Posky and Charlie don't even try to understand women :O)

  4. Poor Mr. Fluff! We have girl dogs in our house and we will never understand them either.
    We loved the pictures!


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