Friday, May 27, 2011

Product Review and Giveaway: Dr. Scholl’s Custom Fit Orthotic Inserts


Thanks to Mom Central, my family was given the chance to test out a pair of Dr. Scholl’s Custom Fit Orthotic Inserts.  I let my dh have the reins for this review, seeing as how I mostly wear flip flops or go barefoot (good thing, too, since I currently am nursing my second broken toe.  Maybe because I mostly wear flip flops or go barefoot?)

These inserts are not the ordinary cushioned pads you slip into your shoes.  You go to a special kiosk and have your feet measured in order to get the specific type of support your feet need.  I don’t mean that your feet are measured just for size, but they are analyzed to identify your personal pressure points and arch type.  Dr. Scholl’s calls it Footmapping Technology.


The kiosk is widely available and easy to use.  Here is a video demonstration.  Here is a store locator to find a kiosk near you.

We didn’t have to go far at all, just stopped by the kiosk while on a shopping trip at our neighborhood Wal-Mart.  Dh simply slipped off his shoes and followed the on screen directions.  He was informed that his custom orthotic inserts were the CF330 pair.  The kiosk is stocked with the different types of inserts; no need to make a special order or dr visit.

Dh has the inserts in his work shoes.  He works at a large hospital and not only does a lot of walking but is pretty much on his feet all day.  More often than not he comes home and heads straight for the medicine cabinet because of achy tired legs.

Dh has been using the inserts for over two weeks now.  Honestly, the first evening he came home I asked how the inserts worked.  He said, “Well they must be doing some good because my legs don’t hurt like they normally do.”  He has seriously seen a great improvement in how his legs feel at the end of a long day.  And he notes that he doesn’t even notice the inserts are there.  He’s a satisfied customer.  :)

Check out the Dr. Scholl’s website for more information and head to this link for a $7.50 rebate offer.

Would you like to win a pair of Dr. Scholl’s Custom Fit Orthotic Inserts?  Just leave me a comment with some way to reach you.  I’ll announce the winner next Friday, June 3rd.

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Dr. Scholl’s and received a Custom Fit Orthotics from Dr. Scholl’s to facilitate my review.”


  1. Thank you for the information, I look forward to checking them out.


  2. Pretty cool. I have seen the commercial for it and it looked like a fun thing to try out. Now that I know where to find them in my area, I just might do that!

    Peace and Laughter,

  3. Would love to win a pair for my husband who is on his feet all day for work!

  4. Oh really @jugglingpaynes.. I didn't saw ad till now :/

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