Monday, May 9, 2011

A Surprise Disney Trip

We made a short visit to Disney to round out dh’s week off.  Left home on Thursday and drove back on Saturday.  I think we actually spent the most time in the car lol.

IMG_2975 Isn’t that beautiful?  Yeah, but here is what I cropped out…

IMG_2955 It was super crowded!  There were long lines for the most popular attractions at the Magic Kingdom, so we mostly hit the less frequented rides.

IMG_2965 IMG_2961 Like the Monster’s Inc. Laugh Factory.  It is such a cute little interactive show.  Ds4 there was scared at first but wound up LOVING it!  Oh and I was a bad mommy and tried to distract him by asking if he wanted anything out of that snack machine…he totally fell for it lol.  ;)

IMG_2980 We saw so many cute critters all over the park, including this duck family and a baby rabbit.

IMG_2968 Here is a shot of the Space Mountain entrance I took while on the People Mover ride.  We also did Carousel of Progress, used a FastPass for Buzz Lightyear and hit Pirates of the Caribbean.  We got there late and it was crowded so we didn’t attempt much else.

IMG_2982 Oooh, the monorail.

IMG_2983 Someone please tell me how these little guys can get up at 5am, spend 7 hours in the car, walk around the entire Magic Kingdom, and still happily skip their way back to the car.  Folks, if we can somehow bottle this energy, we’d be millionaires.  :)  Next post will be our day in MGM. 

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