Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cats On Tuesday


Are you tired of seeing kitten pics yet?  Hope not, ‘cause here are some more!  :)

IMG_3509 I swear she poses every time I bring out the camera!  Little Miss Ellie is settling in with the family so well.  It’s officially been a week and it feels like she’s been with us forever already.  She spends her days exploring the house top to bottom, eating plenty of kitty chow and cuddling with anyone who is sitting still.  She has a very sweet disposition and loves to be loved.  Her favorite thing is our daily cuddle on the loveseat by the window while I (attempt to) do a little reading.  Of course she does her best to turn my attentions to her instead of the book, and she succeeds most of the time.

IMG_3463 She is quite the explorer, and sometimes we all have to check all the little hiding places in the house to find her.  I couldn’t locate her last night and she turned up all cuddled on the bedskirt next to dh’s side of the bed.

IMG_3455 There she is posing again!  She loves this little cat bed thing that none of the other cats would mess with when I bought it for them last Christmas.  She plays in it, sleeps in it and loves to climb it.  It’s funny to think how soon she won’t hardly even fit in it lol.

IMG_3460 IMG_3449 IMG_3444

She is so people friendly.  At any time of the night I can look and find her cuddled with someone in their bed…she doesn’t play favorites yet lol.  Well, you can tell we are smitten with our kitten.  Katy has come to tolerate little Ellie, but Mimi still won’t have anything to do with her.  Mimi spends most of her time outside now which is breaking my heart.  I go out and play and cuddle with her and can get her to come in for a while, but once she spots Ellie she is outta there!  Dh and I both thought Mimi would be the one who would really love a playmate, but we were mistaken.  I am hoping things will improve as time goes on.

For more kitty fun visit Gattina, and Happy COT!


  1. Awww, she's so cute and sweet! Hugs!

  2. I can never get enough of kitty adventures and pictures ! It takes time until the others will accept the newcomer. When Rosie arrived at 6 weeks she was immediately accepted by Arthur, tolerated by Lisa (not more) hated by Pookie, and ignored by Kim. Pookie still hates her after 4 years but they don't fight, they just hiss and avoid each other. I have to say that Rosie can be a little bitch sometimes !

  3. I never get tired of kitten pictures. Miss Ellie is so adorable!

  4. Oh Miss Ellie you are so adorable. I never get tired of kitten pix either. Sometimes I wish I adopted kittens, but I fell in love with Emma and Buster.

    WE got Buster at 5 months old and he's already big at that age.

    Emma and Buster

  5. Gorgeous kitten. I do hope Mimi comes in again.

  6. Little Miss Ellie is such a cutie! Hopefully, Mimi will get used to her in time and become furiends.

  7. We hope Mimi warms up to Ellie but it looks like it may take a while. Lovely little cat, though, and a purry one by the looks of her.


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