Friday, June 24, 2011


Okay, here is the story on our new little kitten.  I had really been wanting a kitten for a while and finally sweet talked dh into the idea.  Our search was not easy, as everyone we contacted had already given away the kitties they advertised.  Then I asked our vet if anyone had mentioned having kitties for adoption and bingo, someone nearby had a litter of about 7-8 week old cuties.  Dh insisted we get a female and luckily there was one in the bunch.

IMG_3468 This one.  :)  I swear she actually poses for the camera.  She has spent the last few days firmly planting herself in our hearts and lives.  And tearing up our brand new furniture.  She has so many colors!  Her legs are white on top, but stripes of all colors underneath.  She is tiny but with that round kitten belly.  She is very friendly and cuddly and loves to be handled.  We kept her in a box the first night or two, but already she is going to the litter box and finding her food bowl all by herself.  The only bad news?  The other kitties hate her.  And because of that they hate me!  Mimi hasn’t had anything to do with me since Ellie’s arrival and I am heartbroken.  I really thought Mimi would like a new kitty, someone to play with and all.  However, you can’t stay heartbroken for long when there is such cuteness in the house.

IMG_3438 IMG_3423 IMG_3432

Ds4 keeps saying the other kitties have grown since Ellie’s arrival…they feel bigger after carrying Ellie around for a while lol.  Sigh.  I know that all too soon she will probably be bigger than Mimi.  But right now we are all in kitten heaven.

Oh, update on the last post…my handy dandy super skilled dh fixed our a.c. problem and we are back in the comfort zone lol.


  1. She's cute and I can understand the jealousy! Lots of fuss over the older kitties should make it better.

  2. Ellie you are adorable! I love the pictures.
    Hope the older ones make up with her soon.


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