Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cats On Tuesday: Ellie’s First Week Of School


Ellie is fitting in very well with our homeschooling.  She’s been very busy with her school work.

IMG_0637 Checking the school supply shelf.

IMG_0639 Emptying out the contents of ds’s magnetic letters and counting cubes containers.  (She takes this task seriously and performs it many times a day.)

IMG_0620 Watching as ds explores our ocean theme (she’s on the bottom right.)

IMG_0611 Naptime!  We really lucked out, getting a kitty that matches our furniture so well.

We’ve had Ellie for over a month now and boy has she grown.

IMG_3529 IMG_3819

Then                                                                             Now

Pretty soon she won’t fit in the bed.  Sigh.  To see more cute kitties visit Gattina’s and Happy COT!

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  1. What a hardworking student ! and with camouflage fur, lol !


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