Monday, August 15, 2011

Homeschool 2011-2012 Week 1

Hello, and welcome to week one.

I am surprised at how well our first week of homeschooling has gone so far.  My boys were so resistant and complaining all summer at the mere mention of the “s” word (school, people, school) that I thought there would be much more teeth gnashing and fit pitching.  Instead they both cooperated and even seemed to enjoy themselves.  Fancy that.

IMG_0626 IMG_0620

I’m using Carissa’s themed calendar fact cards this year.  The theme for August is oceans.  I’ve set up a little cubicle area for resources related to the theme, such as books and discovery bins.   I love how we spend just 10-15 minutes tops discussing the day’s card but the boys’ learn so much.


We started up our SOTW lessons right where we left off last year and it was like there was no break at all.  The boys’ retention of what we had covered so far was impressive.  This week we are covering China.  After we discussed the Great Wall my guys made their way to the legos and started creating their version.  They also made lego versions of an execution.  At least it’s less bloody.


In geography ds3 is learning about map scales and how to measure distances between cities on a map.  He is also continuing his states study (up to #39 I think) and has begun a vocabulary word a day program.  Ds4 has started the Explode the Code series but seems to have made more progress in reading when we used a more sight/whole word approach, so we will be doing both.  He also picked right up with his First Language Lessons.


We are still reading Fantastic Mr. Fox and learning some new vocabulary with it as well.  I’ve also introduced a classical music study which both boys LOVE.  It floored me, how enthusiastic they were with Hadyn’s Surprise Symphony.  Of course, they both played their unique versions on their ocarinas.

Now we can put a big old checkmark next to week one.  Done!

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