Friday, July 27, 2012

Homeschool Book Organization

So, continuing on with Preparation H.  Yesterday I completed the two-day task of organizing all the books we use for homeschooling.  I now know every book in this house.  :)  Since I have the memory of a 45yo woman, I catalogued our collection for future reference.  I used Library Thing, an online catalogue for your books.  I have had an account with them for years.  It’s cheap, easy to navigate and has plenty of useful features.  When I was on The Homeschool Crew I was given a copy of Book Collector, but I will tell you now that Library Thing is much much more user friendly.  Much.  Specifically for me, I could easily tag and group book collections.  I have a “children’s library” collection for the kids’ fiction and a “homeschool resources” collection for reference and curriculum items.  It is easy enough to input books in each program, but with Library Thing it only takes a click of the mouse to group, tag, delete, etc.  Here is the lay of the land for our organized book collection.  Fanfare, please…

899999uAQ0000000000000000000N  (um, I walked away from my computer for a minute and came back to this.  My cat Ellie apparently had something important to add.)

IMG_5377 IMG_5378 This is a 5 shelf big plastic thing in the schoolroom.  The reference items and curriculum are stored here.  I have them grouped loosely by subject and put in labeled magazine holders.  (In the dollar section at Target right now, hurry, that is a STEAL.)  Each item is in my “homeschool resources” collection on Library Thing and tagged with appropriate descriptions of their contents.  Now when we do a study of something I can search the tags in my collection and go right to the box the resource is stored in.

IMG_5379 IMG_5380 This is my super duper had it for YEARS custom bookshelf courtesy of dh.  The kids’ fiction is stored here, grouped as best as I could and taking up two shelves.  The rest are MINE, ALL MINE!  Sorry, I get a little crazy about my books. 

I printed up a listing of both collections.  The fiction list I printed in a plain list form, title and author.  The homeschool resources list is printed with a small pic of the cover, title, author and tags.  I can easily refer to these lists and even take them with me when I am shopping or at a book sale to make sure I don’t already have a title.  And yes, while doing this project  I found 5 different books that we had more than one copy of.  Never again!  This was quite time consuming and ever so a little boring but completely worth the effort in the end.

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