Tuesday, August 20, 2013

And They’re Off! First Weeks of School

We had a pretty good transition from summer to school.  Both boys got right back into our routine and suffered from no supposed “summer memory loss” that the schools love to complain about.  By the way, our “routine” is pretty much the same as last year.  Boys get up, get breakfast, brush teeth and get dressed, and meet me at the school table.  There is no strict time that all this occurs; one boy may sleep in while the other is up and at them.  I just let the morning play out so we have a smooth school day and just because we can.  :)  I have the boys work individually on their math and language workbooks first, then we tackle the “group” subjects of history, science, geography, reading and nature studies.

IMG_8164 IMG_8166 Our first science unit is on electricity.  The bulb lit up!

IMG_8169 IMG_8170 IMG_8172 Nature studies have us sketching pictures of the sky in our journals.

IMG_8175 IMG_8176 History is focusing on Early Americans.  Here the boys are making petroglyphs on sandpaper.

IMG_8168 Genie and Ellie listen in on our lessons.  Because they are smart like that.  :)

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