Monday, September 8, 2014

Homeschool Report August 2014

The first month went very well.  I’d say it was due to two things;  ds4 was excited to start school again, and I did major lesson planning beforehand.  I mean literally mapping out every lesson for the year, printing up worksheets, finding and bookmarking websites, etc.  For the whole year.  Everything is done and all ds4 and I have to do is show up lol.

HPIM0773 Hard at work!  This year’s workload is definitely more than he is used to but so far he is sticking with the longer school days.

HPIM0775 First book of the year, The Chalk Box Kid.  He really enjoyed this and gave it a 10 out of 10. 

Math is coming along slowly but surely.  Trying to get multiplication and division downpat.  Doing great with language and geography and turns out ds really loves history!  One day we opted not to do school, but he asked if we could still have a history lesson.  :)  He’s doing well in science but does not like to take the end of chapter tests.  I used tests all the time with my two oldest boys but never have with the two younger ones.  Need to work on getting them more used to them.  We took an unexpected week off at the end of the month for dh’s vacation.  Got to put nose to the grindstone for September!

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