Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Time Flies

We haven't done any schooling this week. I think I will get soooo much done, and yet...I get caught up doing all kinds of little things and before I know it it's lunchtime and then my day is pretty much taken up from there. I have been getting in some reading and really enjoyed the book I just finished...Family Baggage. This book had a little mystery, a little romance, some humor...just an all-around good read. Now I am in reading limbo lol. You know, when you are still savoring your last read and also trying to find something new to read that will, at the least, be as good as the last. I have the house pretty clean right now, laundry all caught up, wings in the crockpot for dinner...all I need is a good book!

I am going to spend some time this week getting this blog set up with all the little things I had on my HSB blog...the little meme buttons and such. And hopefully joining in on all the little memes again...I have missed "seeing" everyone. You know, I use these dots too much (...) and if I hit the "home" key instead of the "backspace" key one more time...(oops, there I go again lol.) How come I compose all these neat posts in my mind, and then when I sit down I just ramble? Hmmm. I blame age and hormones. Yep, that's it. Okay, off to play around on blogger some, figure things out, and wait for dinnertime.



  1. So glad to have found you again!! We were getting worried about you!

    We're off on a short holiday starting Thursday - going to visit my Dad and take Littlesmurf to see some sites!

    Feeling slightly better than I was - now they know what [else] is wrong with me (pernicious anaemia - lack of Vit B12)!

    Hope to visit again soon!

  2. So so glad to hear from you. I truly was concerned-us Christian sisters have to stay together, I have too grown so attached to my blog sisters. I understand the time thing, I have to limit myself too-it can take a life of its own.



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