Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Homeschool Planning: More Progress!


Had another productive morning in my planning adventure.  Well, there were a few annoying interruptions, but I still got a lot done.  I set up my homeschool software with our new year, including schedule (tentative), and new subjects and books/resources.  I then was a little tired of being on the computer, so I decided to start putting up some of the decorations I purchased yesterday.


Here is our new calendar, complete with weather tracker!  Very cute.  Also a poster with the Pledge on it, and a poster of the periodic table for ds2 as he is tackling chemistry this year


And our new "bulletin board."  I didn't want to buy and put up a huge bulletin board, so I made my own.  I got a large display board (only $2.50) and trimmed it with some decorative trims ($2.99.)  The display board and my wall are both white so it's kinda hard to tell it's even there lol!  I plan on putting things related to whatever we are studying at the time and holiday/seasonal stuff here as well.


This is my gigantic pile of laundry which has been neglected during this planning process.  And now I can't deal with it because of the beautiful creature that has decided to nap there lol.  That's our cutie pie Winston the cat.  Do I put him in the pile with the whites or darks???

Okay, off to make lunch and do the afternoon thing...playing with young'uns, cleaning my house, etc.  Hopefully I'll be able to continue my planning adventure this evening after dinner.  Well, there's always hope!

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