Sunday, October 5, 2008

I'm Seeing Double (and loving it!)

We have had a fun weekend, starting with going to my great-nephews' 1st birthday party.  I am very close with my nieces and nephews.  I have 4 older brothers, quite a bit older actually, so that when they married and started families I was still a teenager.  At one point my nephews, one of whom was still a baby, came to live with us, and we really bonded.  Now they are all starting families of their own and it's great.  In fact, my niece and I were actually pregnant at the same time once and her boy is older than my ds4!

This party was for my niece's twin baby boys.  Oh, those two are so cute.  I had tons of fun shopping for them.  They are identical to the point that even their parents have trouble telling them apart.  This is our family's first set of twins, so that makes it all even more exciting.

100_6137 Their names are Anthony and Jackson.  One had a scratch on his forehead, and one had a little dot of a scab, so everyone would just say, "I've got dot baby" or "I've got scratch baby."  LOL :P

100_6057 Here I am with, um, not sure, can't see the head that well.  I think it's Anthony.

100_6163 My boys loved holding and playing with the babies.  Here's one with my ds3.

100_6146 All babies love my ds2. :)

100_6111 Look at those smiles...and look at my ds4 playing with a plastic bug on the smiling baby's head.  Oh the joys of boys.  The babies got lots of nice toys and things for their birthday, but you know what they liked best?


100_6184 100_6056 100_6167


Family.  The best toy of all.  :)

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  1. Oh I remember when my twins were that age. I miss those years. (sigh)


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