Sunday, March 1, 2009

Magic Kingdom: Nighttime is the Right Time!

Okay, I detailed our half-day at Epcot here, now it’s on to the rest of our day…well, night, too.  After settling into our hotel room and having a little rest (oh how I wish my guys still took naps lol) we walked to our bus depot and caught the Magic Kingdom express!

Oh, there is just nothing like arriving at the MK and walking down Mainstreet with the castle looming ahead of you. :)  Check it out…

100_8924 And then, seconds after this shot, I dropped my camera.  :(  I was handing ds4 over to dh, had the camera in my hands, and somehow in the exchange my camera, with the lens extended, hit the sidewalk.  It still works, but the lens won’t retract all the way when you turn it off, and it makes an awful sound as it tries to.  I am thankful though that it still takes pics.

We veered to Tomorrow Land and got a Fast Pass for Buzz Lightyear.  While waiting we rode the Tomorrow Land Transit and saw a showing of the Carousel of Progress.  We still had time so we ducked into our favorite place to eat at the Magic Kingdom, Cosmic Ray’s Cafe.  We love it because it has a great variety of food and because Ray the alien sings to us lol.

100_8926 The rocket ships.  Which I rode once when I was pregnant and didn’t know I was pregnant.  And will never, ever ride again. :)

100_8925 A hilariously cute show with the characters from Monster’s Inc.  Interactive and fun.

After dinner and using our Buzz Fast Passes, we headed to Fantasy Land where we walked right on to Small World and Mickey’s Philharmagic.  Oh, what a wonderful 3D show that is!  By now it’s dark and late.  The park closes at 9.  My boys are determined to ride Pirates before we go.  As we head in that direction we run smack dab into the nighttime parade, Spectromagic.  Boy has this improved since the last time I saw it!  It was delightful, fun, and had us all dancing and waving at characters.

100_8936 Look, a fairy godmother!  So the parade is blocking our access to Adventure Land and we wait it out.  As soon as it finishes we rush down and walk right onto Pirates.  The boys love it as usual, and we fork over plenty of dough for play swords and pirate loot at the gift shop.  By now, it’s 9 and the shop is closing.  Then we hear the fireworks!  We step outside and get a great view of the show, practically right under it and all to ourselves. :)  We join the mad rush for the exit and catch the bus back to the hotel.

As you can see, a half-day at MK can still be packed with fun!  I didn’t realize I didn’t take many pics while there…oh, now that I think of it dh had the camera trying to repair it.  The next post will be about our morning at Hollywood Studios. :)

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  1. Spectromagic is so cool! It was one of our kids' favorite events of our last trip. Also, I was having trouble leaving a comment on your HS post. Toy Story Mania is so fun! It sounds like you had an awesome 1 1/2 days. You did a lot in a little time!


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