Monday, March 2, 2009

A Morning At Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Our last day at Disney, we actually have to be home by that night and it’s a 7 hour drive.  So we decided to spend the morning at Hollywood Studios.  It was a gorgeous day, warmer and sunnier that it had been all week.  Perfect park weather!


As a guest at Disney World resort hotels you get early admission or later hours at select resorts on select days.  It just so happened that our last day was an “early” day for Hollywood Studios.  After packing up and having a quick breakfast at the Riverside food court (nice, but I prefer the All-Star or Pop Century’s food courts) we drove to the Studios and got in at 8 instead of 9 a.m.   Now the Studios does have plenty of rides that are open all the time, but it also has a lot of shows that run only at certain times.  When you arrive at the park, you have to pick up a times guide and plan your day around the times that the shows you want to see will be showing.

Since most of the shows don’t start until later in the morning we hit some rides first.  We had never been on the newest ride,  Toy Story Mania, so we went there first.  There was a line, but it was worth it!  This is such a fun ride, one the whole family can really enjoy, and even the wait in line is fun!


100_8948 Well, I’d say we only waited about 30 minutes.  But that was okay, because you got to see this guy…

100_8951 He actually interacts with the crowd and is really cute.

100_8954 This is a 3D ride and you get to play a bunch of carnival type games.  Here are ds3 and ds2 in their car.  Fun, fun fun!

100_8957 What a goofy bunch!  Here we are outside of the Muppets 3D movie…also fun, but loud and ds4 didn’t like it at all. :(  The older boys and dh rode Star Tours while ds4 and I caught the first showing of The Little Mermaid.  By now it’s almost lunchtime and the crowds are picking up, so we leave and drive to Downtown Disney.

100_8958 Ds3 is my lego enthusiast so of course we had to spend some time in Lego Land. 

100_8961 Here he and ds4 assemble some mini figures.

100_8968 We ate lunch at the McDonalds, did a little shopping and then hit the road.  I got this one last pic as we were leaving, isn’t it beautiful?  I wish I could recreate that in my own backyard. :)  So that’s it, three parks in 1 and 1/2 days, not too shabby.  It was a fun and unexpected trip, hopefully with more to come later in the year.   For now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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