Thursday, March 12, 2009

Oops I Did It Again

It’s a lame title, I know, but the post is about a lame event so there. :P  Last year I broke my pinky toe.  Yesterday, I did it again.  And added another toe in for good measure.

100_9231 I guess the toe next to the pinky felt left out or something so it joined in on the fun this time.  It’s all bruised and swollen, but doesn’t really hurt that much.  The pinky, however, is ‘a hurtin. :(  There is a bruise at the base of it that worries me, makes me think maybe this may be a new break.  I’m holding off on the dr visit.  I mean last time they did all the hoopla of x rays and specialists and such just to tape the toes together and say “Stay off it.”  Uh, yeah.  Homeschooling mom to 4 boys, stay off your feet.  Not going to happen.   So I’m wearing my little “boot” again and trying to catch some couch minutes when I can.  My kids think I’m crazy because the first thing I did after it happened was shave my legs lol.  Hey, just in case, you know? :)  Sigh, just when I was getting into my exercise routine again.  If this keeps happening I’ll have to set up a category for it lol.


  1. Oh Julie...I have done the same so many times..I am like you..don't bother to go to doctors (NOT recommending that though)... I think it would be interesting though to see my foot x-ray now compared to a "normal" one!

    PS I added your Outdoor post to linky....some people do read after Wednesday!

  2. already added your was Sue I was going to add.... it has been a long week..I am ready for the weekend! LOL

  3. Oh no! I hope you are back on your feet soon but til then take it easy.

  4. Ouch! Let the boys do all the work. lol

  5. Poor you! Tell your toes to stop feeling left out!
    Hope it is better soon!

  6. I hAve an award for u!
    Grab it in my blog!

    This award is because u are purraying for our late Boody~

  7. Imagine paying $$$ for non-help and some sticking plaster. Still, if they have to set the toe, it's worth it! Got my toes broken at a school dance when I was 17 - remember they hurt for ages. And wearing shoes was impossible. Hope it is warm in the sunshine state. (i guess Florida?)


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