Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Preparations…

have finally begun at my home.  Can you say “procrastinate?”  How about “wait ‘till the last minute?”  Either one will do. :)

IMG_0001 Here is the little catch-all by my front door.  Cute little ceramic bunny egg holder!  Those are my cute little nieces in the frames.

IMG_0005 The fireplace and mantle.  Since hurricane Ivan took our chimney it’s not a working fireplace anymore, but still a good place to decorate.  My ds4 placed the empty Easter baskets around.  I made up a little basket of Easter themed books for him to enjoy.


IMG_0003 Close up!

IMG_0007 My kitchen table.  Love those roses, they were a bday gift from my parents.

IMG_0008 We did one Easter craft today…got the idea from The Crafty Crow.  They are egg sun catchers. 

IMG_0032 Cute, huh?  We will probably do a few more crafts tomorrow, and color eggs on Saturday.  Kind of a laid-back Easter this year…the year of the Lazy Mom lol.

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