Monday, June 22, 2009

Family (Re) United

We had our annual family reunion over the weekend.  Lots of fun and family. :)

CAM_0278 For the past several years we have held the event at Lake Jackson in Alabama.  Here is ds4 playing in the lake.

CAM_0306 My nephew and ds3.  Not to worry, ds actually asked my nephew to push him off the pier lol.

CAM_0280 My niece and her twin boys.  I believe she said this was their first time in the water. :)

CAM_0327 This bike was a lot of fun, although it was hot hot hot! 

CAM_0312 The twins.  What cuties.

CAM_0328 Ds4 and one of my cousin’s granddaughters.  They were watching a movie.


This is just my immediate family, so you can imagine that the reunion was pretty big lol.  I have 4 older brothers and only 2 are represented here.  Let’s see, besides the 2 other brothers there are actually 6 other family members (and their kids and spouses) missing from this pic.  Gesh, my family is huge lol.  Dh, me and three of our boys are on the right.


These are my cousins.  This bunch represents most of my grandparents' grandchildren.  I think about 5 are missing.  I am the second youngest.


My dad (top left) and his siblings.

Although it was super hot (even swimming in the lake did not help…it felt like bathwater lol) we really had a great time and feel blessed to have such a wonderful family (who can stand to get together at least once a year ;)

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