Monday, November 23, 2009

Cats On Tuesday


IMG_4285 I think it is so sweet that Mimi and Winston get along so well.

IMG_4284 Smokey and Katy?  Not so much.  Actually Smokey and anybody not so much lol.

IMG_4293 It’s a good thing for Winston that Mimi is so tolerant…

IMG_4292 I mean, not many friends will share the chair with you when you take up as much room as Winston does.  And let you lay like this lol.  For more kitty fun stop by Gattina’s.  Happy COT!


  1. Smokey would probably be good buddies with Peeve. He doesn't like anyone either.

  2. It is nice that Mimi shares with Winston. Marshmellow likes me and Peanut and that's about it for his friendships.

    Purrs and hugs to all your kitty cats.


  3. I guess you never know when you have multiple
    cats who will like whom... If one cat is stand-
    offish I try to give that cat extra attention.
    Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. :)
    Happy Thanksgiving, what a lovely blog topper!

  4. Cats are all different. Rosie only allows Arthur to sleep besides her. Pookie only Kim, Lisa nobody, only Arthur doesn't care, I think he even would sleep besides the devil.

  5. LOL, at least Winston is still being generous to Mimi, Prudence wouldn't share her rocking chair with anybody even me!

  6. Cats who can sleep with legs on top of another or butt in face are good buddies. LOL.


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