Sunday, November 22, 2009

MFW Kindergarten: Gg for Goat


Finally we got back to somewhat of a schedule with school!  We hit a rough patch there with illness (nothing serious) and last minute hurricanes (again, nothing serious.)  Just little things that get in the way of school big time lol.  This week has had it’s own challenge as dh is out of town but the boys and I have been coping pretty well.

IMG_4060 I don’t have many pics this week.  Ds1 had my camera for most of the week and then ds3 hijacked it to make Lego videos.  Now there are dozens of pics of Lego figures I have to sort through to find my one or two school pics lol.  Anyway, here is ds4 working on his worksheets.  Note the inside out pumpkin shirt we made for Halloween.  ;)


We had a special guest this week…meet Crabby.  Ds4 got Crabby for his bday and he agreed to visit us while we studied about crustaceans for ds3’s science.

IMG_4063 Check out how he covers the entrance to his shell with his claw.

IMG_4068 Most all the pics of our special guest are blurry.  He was really enjoying the new found freedom from his little habitat lol.

IMG_4074 Both the boys did some sponge painting as part of our study of France. 

IMG_4075 IMG_4076 On the left is ds3’s and on the right is ds4’s version of impressionist paintings in the style of Monet.  Not sure that Monet ever painted apple trees, but for some reason they both were inspired to do so.

I found a goat lapbook at Homeschool Share…it is a little above ds4’s level right now but we were able to use a few of the minibooks from it.  Ds3 also seemed to enjoy learning a little something about goats this week.  I am impressed with how they are 4 years apart but still enjoy working on the same subject.  For example, for blend ladder practice I have ds4 use his blocks with his MFW worksheet.  This week ds3 actually helped him and joined in spelling his own words with the blocks (something I figured he would have found “babyish.”


We didn’t have any crafts for this week’s theme, mainly worksheets and minibooks.  And lots of fun reading!

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  1. It looks like your kids are having so much fun with school. I hope everyone is feeling better.


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