Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Day

That’s right, I said, “Snow day.”  Ds2’s school is cancelled (and he is off Monday for the holiday the lucky bugger,) all the government offices and such have closed, the library cancelled it’s book sale (dang it!)…basically our little neck of the woods has gone crazy in anticipation of the big winter storm coming our way.  And apparently further north they actually got snow that even stuck to the ground.  But here, well, not so much lol.  We got rain mixed with sleet all day.  And right at the end of it, late this afternoon, we got a few flakes for about 20 minutes.


Look carefully and you can see little white flakes coming down.  Oh, a big one there in the left corner lol.

IMG_5827 This guy is too cute!

IMG_5820 So is this one.  :)  Take a closer look, he just got his glasses today.  Bet he could see the snowflakes better than any of us lol!

So it’s been a pretty weird day.  It’s going to be a pretty weird week, too, as dh is off and we are getting new carpet installed.  We have to clean out the garage tomorrow to make room for all our furniture.  I think we will handle it okay, but I know the cats are going to freak out!  I may not be around much for a while but please don’t forget me.  ;)


  1. I can't believe it snowed where you live. I will gladly send some of my snow down your way. : )

  2. Snow in your neck of the woods? Wow! Good luck with the carpeting!

  3. You are unforgettable. :)
    Snowflakes in Florida, wow!


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