Monday, March 22, 2010

Cats On Tuesday: The Smokey Dance


When you go outside it never fails that Smokey will come up to you, plop down and roll around at your feet.  We call it “The Smokey Dance.” 

IMG_6367 IMG_6368 IMG_6370 IMG_6375 IMG_6378 Pardon my shadow in these pics lol.  I tried to capture the true essence of “the dance” but he is really fast!  We don’t know exactly why he does this dancing.  It doesn’t seem to be to garner our love and affection, because if you bend down to pet him he bites!  And if you don’t bend down and pet him he bites your ankle or leg.  And if you try and run he chases you down and bites your ankle or leg.  Not kidding.  So when it’s chilly like now and we have on long pants we just suck it up, take the bite and move on.  But when the weather warms up and we opt for shorts and exposed legs…well, my strategy is to wait until he is in mid roll and run for it lol.

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  1. It is hard to resist that belly. I, too, would pet him and make the fastest getaway possible.

  2. wow I loved your shadow in these pictures, look like she could be in your lap! LOL So cute pictures, I'm also happy when I'm outside with such a beautiful sunny day!
    Happy Tuesday

  3. So he is not only a belly danser but he also loves leg hunting, lol ! that's really too funny ! Cats have sometimes so strange behaviours, like Rosie who always has to put a toy mouse in her food !

  4. Cats love to roll around outside. It must feel really good to them. I guess it's their way to scratch their backs and have a massage :-) I have one that is a foot biter, but it is her way of letting us know she is mad and we are to stay out of her way.

  5. Our old basset does this, with groans and moans of pleasure, we call it the "Mellow Dance". Great minds...

  6. Adorable pictures! Amber was doing a similar floor dance. :)

  7. We also love to roll on the floor outside.
    Those are great and active photos.
    Cute belly ;o)

  8. That's too funny! What a dilemma! I love brown tabby cats, and Smokey is one handsome dude!

  9. When and if my cats escape outside they like to
    "dance" roll on the cement too, maybe Smokey is
    marking the cement as his own? Cute pics! :)


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