Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What’s On My Nightstand


Um, where did March go?  I blinked and now it’s the 4th Tuesday and time for the 5 Minutes for Books What’s On Your Nightstand meme.  I’m propping my eyes open for April.  ;)

I read all the books on my list last month!  I have really been in a reading mood lately, although the book I’m on now is kinda tedious and I am fighting the urge to reread the Harry Potter series (darn those Deathly Hallows previews!)  Here is my stack for this month…

IMG_6356 On top is the next book in the Ladies Detective Agency series (part of my Spring Reading Thing challenge) followed by some books I picked up at a sale.  At the bottom we have The Swan Thieves, the only survivor of the battle against library books waged last week.  I still ordered a new one for the library but decided I could live with the small stain left behind on this one.  The one in the middle, Gilead, is what I am currently reading.  I read Housekeeping by Marilynne Robinson and did not like it, but I’ve heard so many good things about Gilead and wanted to give her another try.  I am finding this one so hard to work through! 

IMG_6357 Behind the stack of books on my nightstand you will find this pic.  Me and my oldest boys when they were the ages my youngest boys are now (around 9 and 4.)  We are posing in front of a fountain in Epcot at Disney World, 10 YEARS AGO!  Yikes.  I need to remember to take one in the same spot with the younger boys, and again with the older boys to see the changes.  In them, of course, I haven’t changed one bit.  ;)

Join in on all the reading fun over at 5 Minutes for Books.


  1. ROFL! I re-read the last couple of Harry Potter books because of those early previews!

  2. Wow - that photo is amazing. I bet it's just another reminder of how quickly the years fly by ... I keep hearing how great HP books are. I read the first (at my daughter's urging), but it didn't thrill me. Do they improve, or did you love them from the first one?

  3. Time does go by too fast doesn't. I haven't read any of those books yet.
    I gave you an award, if you want it, it will be on my blog tomorrow.

  4. One day I will get to the Harry Potter books. Their size is quite intimidating at the moment. ha. Enjoy reading and enjoy your boys!

  5. I read the first Ladies' Detective Agency book last month and enjoyed it. Now I need to get the next one. Happy Reading!

  6. I like your idea with the photo. we did that last summer with the kids. We had a photo with the kids 9 years ago on a bench and we did the same photo last summer. I love it and we´ll do that with other pictures too.
    Sorry, I don´t know all these books on your nightstand.
    I thought about rereading Harry Potter too.

  7. Congrats on getting all your reading done! I liked The Swan Thieves.

  8. I just finished reading Home which is the "sequel" to Gilead. (In fact, I'm giving away a copy on my site if you are interested.) LOVED how thought provoking that book was!

    I totally hear you about blinking and discovering that March is over! It's amazing how fast time is flying!

  9. You are so write about March being over to fast. (Except for the nasty cold weather of course.)


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