Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Day At The Zoo Part 2


IMG_6582 Boys can sniff out dirt anywhere lol.  This was a little playground and snack area near the train station.  Ds dug for dino bones while we waited on the next train.

IMG_6584 Ds3 on the train.

IMG_6586 Our conductor and tour guide.

IMG_6609 At one point along the train ride we stopped to observe some hippos.

IMG_6615 They eventually got up and gave us a show!  The funny part was, ds4, along with all the other small children on the ride, was completely uninterested and only wanted to get back on the train lol.

IMG_6620 There was a boardwalk that was along the beginning of the trail the train took.  While on it we encountered some hungry ostriches.

IMG_6625 I have no idea why we all have our heads tilted in this pic.  That’s me, ds3 and ds4.

IMG_6641 This guy posed for me for quite a while.  I caught him in mid yawn in this one.

IMG_6640 This is his “I’m too sexy for my cage” look.

IMG_6662 I took several pics of this chimp before we even realized she had a baby on her!  He was so little and cute.

IMG_6659 The little baby picked up a rock and put it in his mouth.  I playfully said, “I can’t believe his mommy let him eat a rock,” when sure enough the mom reached out and ate one too lol.

There’s more to come of our fun filled day at the zoo.  :)

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  1. I loathe zoos. Ours in Malaysia are mostly nasty places where animals are kept in gruesome conditions. I hope yours is better.

    We've been twiddling with this Followers thing and have added you. Hehehe, now we can see when you blog...


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