Thursday, April 1, 2010

Homeschool Planning: Day 3

Day 1 went well with successful purging and cataloging.

Day 2 went well with gathering forms.

Day 3…

Day 3…

How can I describe day 3?  My butt hurts from sitting in my desk chair at this computer too long.  But that’s not really relevant to the whole planning process, is it?  No.  Well, day 3 feels like a failed success.  Like two steps forward and three leaps back.  Like good news, bad news and day old news all wrapped up in one paper. 

I am nailing down the boys’ course of study for the upcoming year.  I feel great that I pretty much know what we will be using for most of the subjects we are covering.  But a few subjects are just kinda iffy and I don’t like iffy.  Don’t like it a bit.  Here is a breakdown.

Ds3  4th grade

Math:  toss up between Abeka and Teaching Textbooks.  While I love Abeka and have used it successfully with my two older boys, ds3 has never liked it.  He did well with Time4Learning, but it’s a monthly subscription (read costs too much) and didn’t go into enough depth for me.  The Spectrum Math workbook we are using now is good, but again not enough depth imo.  I really feel ds has grown enough to try Abeka again.  HOWEVER, when I looked at the Teaching Textbook site and saw their samples I was blown away.  I KNOW ds will love this!  It’s not kiddish, it’s not too advanced, he can use the computer, and he gets a break from me.  $120 is a little much but I am seriously considering it.

Language:  Abeka

Reading:  I don’t like reading programs that use “readers.”  There are so many wonderful “classic” children’s books out there, why waste any time on made up fluff?  I haven’t come up with a finalized list of books yet but am working on it.

Science:  I’ve used Abeka and other texts for science with my older boys but it’s just more fun and you can go into more detail with unit study.  The problem is picking out the subjects to cover!  Working on it.

History:  We will continue working through the History of Us series, books 3 and 4 at least.  I also want to begin a study on the presidents and a state study this year (Abeka has a super “state notebook” for this purpose.)

Geography:  Continuing with Galloping The Globe

Nature:  Continuing with Barb’s Outdoor Hour series.

Art:  Art Adventures At Home

Spelling and Handwriting:  Abeka

Ds4  Grade 1

Math, Language, Spelling, Handwriting:  all Abeka

Reading:  will do lapbooks based on classics

Science:  unit study

History:  studies on famous Americans, major holidays, American symbols, and American Folklore.

Geography, Art, Nature:  follow along with ds3

51HTJSKG2DL__SS500_ By the way, this book is an invaluable tool for anyone doing any homeschool planning.  Even if you go with a complete boxed curriculum, this book has useful information and sources that you will benefit from.  This will be our 12th year homeschooling but I still use resources like this book as a guideline for my planning.

This whole planning process will most likely be put on hold until the summer break anyway.  Dh is off tomorrow and we have lots of errands to run for Easter preparations.  Saturday is my birthday and hopefully there will be eating out and a vampire movie on dvd in my future.  Sunday will be a day of family and fellowship at my parent’s house.  But I am glad I got the planning ball rolling so to speak and made great progress these past three days.  Happy Easter everyone!


  1. That books great. This fall will be my first full year of homeschooling and I like to hear about how other people plan their year. I am going with Abeka.

  2. Two questions: how will you ensure the kids have paper qualifications so they can go to uni etc if they want? And two, how on earth do you deal with science? Will you visit a lab? SPecial school???

    We've been twiddling with this Followers thing and have added you. Hehehe, now we can see when you blog...

  3. I like that book a lot. It looks like you have a great year planned. I'm getting ready to start the Great Next Year Planning session myself. Could you elaborate a little bit on your unit studies? Especially for the youngest boy? I attempted some unit studies in history this year and it was a disaster. I am trying to figure out if it just didn't mesh with their learning styles or if I just have no idea how to set up a unit study! Thanks for sharing with us. :)

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