Wednesday, June 30, 2010

3rd Time’s A Charm


Ds2 and I had a great time at last night’s, this morning’s the midnight showing of Eclipse.  I am so not a night owl, or honestly that big a Twilight fan and don’t go to many movies at all for that matter.  But ds and I weathered the midnight showing of Twilight (with ds1 and his girlfriend in tow no less) and even made it through New Moon so of course we couldn’t break tradition and had to go this time around as well.

Oh the forces that be tried to stop us for sure.  When I went to our local theater one week ago to get tickets (thinking I was so ahead of the game lol) they of course were sold out.  I said, “Eh, no biggie we’ll just see a later showing,” but ds persisted and encouraged me to try bigger theaters in town.  I bought tickets at a “stadium” theater online.  We set out last night about 90 minutes before the show and stepped out into a beautiful summer night…but drove right into a squall line from tropical storm Alex.  Seriously, this thing hovered over us for the whole 30 minute drive!  All the while I’m gripping the steering wheel and manically searching for road reflectors ds has a running monologue going… “Wow it’s hard to see can you see? I can’t see a thing I can’t imagine driving in this how are you staying on the road? It must be hard to drive in this.”  Well at least I didn’t have to worry about trying to stay awake.  ;)

When we arrived this place was PACKED.  I could not honestly believe that that many people were going to this movie!  They had 8 theaters open for the showing and still had a line that snaked around the side and back of the building to get in.  I was really regretting going through with the whole thing but our luck changed for the better.  When I picked up our tickets at the on-call window the guy said “Okay, you can go on in.”  What?  Seriously?  I almost kissed him!  Ds and I walked in, got right up to the concession line, spent more on popcorn then on the tickets and settled ourselves in to pretty good seats in the theater.  I handed ds some money and he took off to while away the 45 minute wait in the arcade.  I happily people watched and appreciated being dry and inside.  A local radio station arrived and gave out tshirts and cds and before we knew it the show was starting.

I did almost have to leave right before the opening trailers, though, when I found out that our theater was mostly TEAM JACOB!  Gasp!  But I stayed and just put up with the bad wolf vibes.  Best part of the whole thing?  Seeing the new Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows preview.  AWESOME.  I so cannot wait for those movies!!!  Why oh why couldn’t they just do a Gone With The Wind and make a 4 hour movie with an intermission?  Works for me.  But no, Hollywood just loves to torture 40something moms.  It’s like their hobby.

The movie was great, we survived it all, ds is sleeping in and I am surprisingly alert this morning.  But one more thing…TEAM EDWARD!


  1. Read the books but haven't seen the films. Will check it out when they've made all 4!

  2. Read the books but haven't seen the films. Will check it out when they've made all 4!

  3. Haven't seen it yet or even read the books. I am so far behind. I'm glad you had a great time though.


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