Monday, June 28, 2010

Outdoor Hour Summer Series: Mosquitoes



(Click on the pic to go to a site with lots of good info.)

We have taken too long a break from our nature studies!  We are joining in on the summer series of weekly studies at Barb’s and this week’s theme is mosquitoes.  We have a lot of experience with this pesky insects, none of it good lol!  We had no problem finding a pool of water outside in which we could observe some “wrigglers” or mosquito larvae.

IMG_0501 Ugh!  A close up of the larvae in our observation jar.  We learned that they go to the top of the water and stick out a breathing hole to breath.

IMG_0506 I like this shot because you can see ds3 in the reflection.

IMG_0504 They really enjoyed watching the wrigglers do their thing.  After we did our observations we discussed how only female mosquitoes bite and why (they need blood for laying eggs) and some ways in which we can avoid the pests and prevent their infestation.

  IMG_0516 Then, all in the name of science, I showed off the huge welt I get when a mosquito bites me.  Yep, I’m one of “those people” who mosquitoes love.  Lucky me.  ;)  Ds3 could really relate to the allergic reaction, as he just had allergy testing done and knew of my pain.

I think this was a perfect start to our summer nature studies…not all nature is pretty, folks!  Head over to Barb’s site to read more about the Outdoor Hour and many, many other ways to incorporate nature study into your homeschooling.


  1. Fun Julie! Love your bite bump. Or - I mean - Sorry about your bite! Thanks for stopping by to read our study, the boys really went a bit overboard with it all . . . We are going to do the trees today - have had company for a week. :)

  2. Great study! I agree with you that all nature study is pretty...we get the same type of allergic reaction and mosquitoes love us too :(

  3. I think it is so interesting how there are people who get bit like crazy and some of us just the occasional bite and it is no real big deal. I have one son that mosquitoes love and I always kid him that I will stand next to him so I won't get any bites. :)

    Love the photo of the jar with your son...could I use it for the OHC Photo of the Week? Let me know.

    Thanks so much for sharing your link. Make sure to submit it to the OHC Blog Carnival.

  4. Great picture of your son's reflection in the jar! I don't get bit, but my husband and kids get bit up pretty bad, some worse than others. Great nature study!

  5. Well, mosquitos aren't my favorite topic of study (cause they bite) but this looks like fun.

  6. A mosquito study! Wow. I've been wanting to actually use my Handbook of Nature Study more. Thanks for the inspiration.

    I also love your reading list. Lots of good books there!

    Thanks for popping by my blog.

    Annie Kate

  7. I think your photo of the boys on the steps is a great photo too. They seem really engaged in their study.

  8. Stopping by to say hi from your mini crew over at TOS. Bites do the same thing to me...I get welts all over!


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