Friday, June 25, 2010

Homeschool 2010 Week 3


Things are getting smoother and better with each week.  We weathered our daddy being out of town and ds3’s allergy testing this week and can thankfully say we survived lol.

We made our model of the Nile river for our SOTW studies this week.  It was so simple, yet such a memorable way to relate the annual flooding and how it affects the soil.

IMG_0479 Setting things up.  I thought I had pics of the flood, but no.  We haven’t had any of our “crops” sprout yet, hopefully sometime next week.

IMG_0491 Ds4 worked on patterns in math this week and lower case letters for writing practice (love that dry erase practice board…found it at Target for only a couple of dollars!)

IMG_0519 IMG_0520

Ds4’s book this week was Caps For Sale.  He loved it!  He got a little bored last week by day 5 of the same book, but this week he has been all over it lol.  He would grab the book and retell the story to me and then ask me to read it as well.  He also enjoyed all the lapbook resources I found at Homeschoolshare.

We’ve been slacking in nature study and haven’t done an Outdoor Hour in a long time, but we are back on board to start the summer study.  First up, mosquitoes!  We have plenty of experience with these little buggers in our neck of the woods lol.  We didn’t have to go far to find ourselves some larvae to observe.

IMG_0492 We found a plastic shoe box under the tree house filled with rainwater from the past week…and with plenty of “wrigglers.”

IMG_0504 We scooped a few up in a jar and did plenty of observing.

IMG_0514 Aw.  Just had to toss in a pretty kitty pic.  :)  Ds3 is plugging along with reading Stone Fox and really enjoying his Mathletics subscription.  The busy week meant we had to forgo science experiments but that’s okay.  Next week will be busy as well…evals and a holiday weekend!  (And for me, the premiere of Eclipse!)


  1. Oh, you're cat is so cute! We had one that looked just like that, Oliver. We had to put him down (megacolon) but he was such a sweetie. He was AWFUL to other animals, but he was the cuddliest people cat ever :)

  2. Sweet looking cat. Hope the crops sprout.

  3. Loved your pictures! Sounds like you're summer school is going really well. Have a great week.


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