Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cats On Tuesday: Katy’s Secret


IMG_0652 This is Katy.  The oldest kitty of the bunch. 

IMG_0653 Katy has a secret.  She’s a little bit crazy.

IMG_0654 It’s true.  When she was younger the vet even had her on kitty crazy pills.  Dh never lets her forget it either.

IMG_0655 She has mellowed with age.  But she still has her crazy streaks.  These pictures showcase one of her little peculiarities…she loves the smell of bleach.

IMG_0657 I had to clean the patch of carpet she is laying on.  And she immediately laid claim to the spot and began rolling and soaking up every inch of bleachy goodness.  It’s her version of catnip I guess.  Her one true passion.

IMG_0658 Hello my name is Katy and I am a bleach-a-holic.

For more kitty fun head over to Gattina’s.  And Happy COT!


  1. Arthur loves to smell my shoes ! I don't know they must probably stink very good, lol !
    Thanks for telling me that the link thing was closed, I purt the wrong date ! Now it's working again !

  2. Katy, you should meet my crazy kitty, Lovey. He tears around the house late at night and early in the morning yowling at no one in particular. He is gray, so you two would get along fabulously.

  3. Katy, you're beautiful even if you're a little crazy. You look so cute in these pictures.

  4. Crazy Katy looks lovely. Au and Target go nuts too - and sometimes they are so excited that they run over us. It's all part of cat fun.


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