Monday, July 5, 2010

Hung Over

Nah, not really.  Just can’t “party” like I used to lol.  We had a blast for the 4th yesterday but I am feeling the effects today for sure!  I have a headache, stomach upset and just all around blah.  Too much of a good thing yesterday I guess.  ;)

We went to one of my brothers house for a pool party.  How could that not be fun?

IMG_0620 Ds3 and his cousin preparing to jump.

IMG_0609 My cutie and his multiple floatation devices.

IMG_0624 Twins.  Just too cute.

We went straight home after the party to prepare for one of my other brothers and his wife to visit and have fireworks.  She brought over her Wi Motion Board thingy and we had a ball playing on that.  We’ve been having some really weird weather for July…barely getting into the 80’s!  So the party moved outside.

IMG_0634 Time for some football.

IMG_0643 Ds4 learning some of ds1’s moves.

IMG_0637 Ds4 preparing to throw to my brother.

After a stupendous fireworks show we called it a night.  And today I am feeling the effects of being over 40 and eating too much, getting too much sun and generally having too much of a good time.  But I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  ;)


  1. comeiii n cute


  2. Well it sure looks like a lot of fun. I love pool parties.

  3. Sounds like a good time. And nice to see you blogging again!


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