Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Shaky Start

Well, week one of the new school year has passed.  I got my 17yo to and from school, on time, all 5 days.  Success!  I taught the homeschooled crew 3 days this week.  Bummer.  We took off day 4 on purpose to run errands, and then dh unexpectedly took off work yesterday so there you go.  But I will say that the 3 days of school were quite productive and stress free.  No fussing and fighting and both boys were attentive and receptive.  Now, of course, there is a tropical storm in our future and the possibility of more school interruptions.  No comment.

I need to remind myself to take more pics of the school day.  Here is all I got, and it’s not even school related.

IMG_5411 Well, unless you count disaster preparedness that is.  :)

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