Tuesday, August 21, 2012


You know, I figured yesterday would be the worst day of this back-to-school, back-to-routine week.  But yesterday was actually good.  Today it hit us all.  We all couldn’t sleep last night, woke late this morning and felt our bodies and minds rebelling against the changes.  Poor ds2 headed out the door to high school minus his backpack!  And then it was pointed out to me that I forgot to recognize one of our students in yesterday’s first day post.

IMG_5408 Dear Ellie was quite upset but agreed to pose for some pics today.  She chose our Pledge of Allegiance poster as her background and a pencil as a prop.  Very studious indeed.  And patriotic to boot.

IMG_5409 Okay Ellie, it’s bordering on cheesy now.  I could have posted a pic of her hanging out in her usual spot but she made me promise not to.

IMG_5401 Oops.  :)

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